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not so niggaboo

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Sep. 22nd, 2008 | 02:21 pm
location: office
music: i love a hata-pitbull

travis likes me, peer mediation was today .sucked
but on the bright side im talking to preston , i just told him why i mope but i left out a huge part -__-

keeenddraa: bcos im stupid !
piddda kidd: becauise yoru stupidly amazing ..
piddda kidd: kendra you gotta understand that we couldnt drift away if we wanted too, because we told each other so much and we but so much emotion in to our friendship that i just couldnt leave you. and trust me, if we did drift then nothing would change cause we are to compatable, it should be illegal

if he ever reads these, im screwed haha .

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