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just let this go

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Sep. 5th, 2008 | 06:24 pm
location: bedroom
mood: goodgood
music: his mistakes-usher

i just feel like everything is going to work out fine with time. i think that all this is just teaching me some valuable lesson i needed to learn. maybe losing something i need and love was my reality check that ive needed for a while. hopefully i didnt lose it for good.

 I'm just being prestons friend now and i guess its going well. im not showing him how much it hurts though. he doesnt really need to know. ive been drinking alot of lemonade but i dont think he knows that thats my sad drink.  i hear the stories about his dreams that we go on dates at the park, but at the end of the day i dont know where i stand. i dont know. this whole 'lets just be friends' thing is killing me and i cant do it on my own.
if he could just help me out even a little bit with this it would mean the world to me. it seems like im the only one trying here. 


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