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Aug. 6th, 2009 | 09:56 pm

So i'll start with charles.
He asked me to go on a date with his bestfriend. I was pissed. It kind of ruined my friendship towards him. Well a few days later, he talked to me and I told him how much I "hated" him. The day after  , I told him . everything. He just kept saying sorry. and that was the last time i talked to him . can you say ass-ahole -.so i havent talked to him since. but im okay.

but on the bright side  , when preston was in porugual , he and his cusen or friend or whatever talked to me :) I was really happy ! So then he came back from portugual , and commented me telling me he was back , i told him to text me but he was offline before he got the chance to see it. so i decided i wouldnt text him , and i'd just wait for him to see that comment. i had been wondering if he remembered his promise.
so i waited, and waited.
and then all of a sudden , july 31'st. whada ya know, i get a text from preston  , saying he missed me . i dont think the amount of feelign i felt while reading that text can be described. lmfao. i said , i miss you too boobie . and he brought up hanging out. then we stoped texing.
the next day i asked him when he was free, and he said he was at a friends house and he'd text me later. i didnt say anything . and he hasnt texted me since.
summers coming to a close and im not ready to let another summer come to a close without him.  i will do whatever i have to do.

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