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Jul. 17th, 2009 | 12:28 am

OOOOk , sooo ! theres so much going on lately. well not really, but in my head. it's life changing . so i spent my first fourth of july w| my bestfriends family . it was so fun , and then we went to auntie anne's and blake and i kept sneeaking drinks , but our families were not very happy . uncle john think me and allison are the most " dippity dips " out there .. lmfao :/ well i was texting Preston during the day, so I decided I'd better take advantange of it. I asked him if he could answer when I called, and sure enough he did. It was really nice to hear his voice again , you know , on the phone. it was our first conversation on the phone sence last summer. it brought back alot of memories. and as soon as i hung up ,i looked at allison , my bestfriend & i just cried and cried and cried in her arms. i dont know why i cried , and im wondering if i even want to .
fuck off. next to you just staartted playing.. ironic much ? he's in portugal right now about 76875964 miles away. he promised me, when he came back we would hang out , but has he kept the one promise that means the most? obviously i still have feelings for him , but its hard to explain.
charles hasnt texted me today , yet -__- i dont like it.

ALALALLALA. sooooooo , he texted me and told me how he loved how i didnt text him today . well that's just to bad because didnt i spend the whole day waiting for his stupid text.

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