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such a big ego, what a huge ego - beyonce

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Jun. 23rd, 2009 | 08:27 pm
location: mommys
music: my ride-jermiah

SsSO i was up tillllll 2 talking to charles lastnight ! im stilll exhausted. i just re-did my myspace for the first time in months haha. im so proud of my self. it looks kinda sh*tty but whatever.

look what i found today ...
piddda kidd: your not uselesss
piddda kidd: cause there wouldnt be a reason for me to wake up every morning. cause your the first person i think off
keeenddraa: lmfao, next to you just came on , and i pictured you singing it .
piddda kidd: lmfao ! you always will from now on 

It's  going to be a longsummer..

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