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Jun. 1st, 2009 | 03:46 pm
location: in bed ( :
music: together-neyo..gay

ooooooook well , lets have a recap of my weekend .
friday , blah blah blah , then paulo . not gunna lie , i was glad he said he liked me .
well then , friday  hhhhhhhhhahaaaahahah sdk fndklsajfldjg

paulo pisssssssses me off so much now , i like hate him .

did you know chewing smokeless tabacco gives you a hairey tounge ? i learned that today .

lauren saw josh bowers this weekend, lmfao.  i4got about him , his bsetfriend friend requested me .

i like the show ,New York goes to work , it makes me gigel ,, kinda like when i see freshman dropping their stuff down the stairs

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