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now i know its not meant to be&thats ok w| me.

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Mar. 4th, 2009 | 08:30 pm
location: dylans rooom .
mood: thirstythirsty
music: you spin me round.

sorry i haven't been in here for like 2 months hhaha. soo much happened ! danny & i ... lmaaao , lets just keep that on the shhush . my brother haha , my brother,danny ojuri .

 whats there to loose? sam zecco said he told bssk everything.. im not sure if he did or not, but whatever.

i got a new phone today , lauras activating it tomorow, so thank goodness !heh.

uuuuuugh ! blacksweatshirt kid is absolutly gorgeous. mmmm ;)
welll danster just told me he doesnt like me as a person? lmao alright .
whaddever floats his boat ! the good thing is, i dont even really care anymore.

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